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 Board of Public Works Advisories

Board of Public Works Advisories provide clarification for State Agencies on items imporant to Board oversite and functions.  These policy-making directives should be used by Agencies to help decipher requirements in procurement, reporting, definitons, Agenda submissions, etc.  Advisories are updated and created as needed, please check back for additions and changes.

adv-1995-1BPW Advisory 1995-1 Contract Modifications
adv-1995-3BPW Advisory 1995-3 Resident Business Definition
adv-1996-1BPW Advisory 1996-1 MBE Subcontracting Documents
adv-1996-2BPW Advisory 1996-2 Procurement Agency Activity Reports
adv-1996-3BPW Advisory 1996-3 Procurement - Bid, Performance and Payment Security
adv-1996-4BPW Advisory 1996-4 Economic-Benefits as a Factor in Evaluating CSP
adv-1996-5BPW Advisory 1996-5 Reciprocal Preferences
adv-1998-1BPW Advisory 1998-1 Corporate Purchasing Card
adv-1998-2BPW Advisory 1998-2 Utilization of ADPICS for Procurement Transactions
adv-1998-3BPW Advisory 1998-3 Contract Options
adv-2001-1BPW Advisory 2001-1 MBE Participation
adv-2001-2BPW Advisory 2001-2 MBE Procurement Review Group
adv-2002-1BPW Advisory 2002-1 Settlements, Judgments, and Counsel Fees:  Delegation, Procedure, and Payment
adv-2002-2BPW Advisory 2002-2 Novation or Change of Name
adv-2003-1BPW Advisory 2003-1 State Clearinghouse - Intergovernmental Review and Coordination Process
adv-2003-2BPW Advisory 2003-2 MBE Reporting Waivers
adv-2003-3BPW Advisory 2003-3 EFT Contractor Payments
adv-2003-4BPW Advisory 2003-4 Debarments
adv-2004-1BPW Advisory 2004-1 Naming State Buildings and Capital Improvements
adv-2004-2BPW Advisory 2004-2 Publishing Notice of Solicitations
adv-2004-3BPW Advisory 2004-3 Correcting Agenda Items
adv-2005-1BPW Advisory 2005-1 Small Business Reserve Program
adv-2005-2BPW Advisory 2005-2 Forest Products Sales Policy
adv-2005-3BPW Advisory 2005-3 Real Property - Appraisals When Disposing or Acquiring
adv-2006-1BPW Advisory 2006-1 Action Agendas Required Information, Format, Backup Documentation
adv-2006-2BPW Advisory 2006-2 DNR-Managed Property Leases
adv-2006-3BPW Advisory 2006-3 SHA-Managed Property Leases
adv-2006-4BPW Advisory 2006-4 Individual Surety Bonds
adv-2007-1BPW Advisory 2007-1 Living Wages
adv-2009-1BPW Advisory 2009-1 Stormwater Management through Environmental Site Design:  POS and PSC
adv-2009-2BPW Advisory 2009-2 Procurement - Emergency Procurements; Reports to the BPW
adv-2009-3BPW Advisory 2009-3 Small Business Preferences
adv-2011-1BPW Advisory 2011-1 Hiring Agreement
adv-2012-1BPW Advisory  2012-1 Veteran-Owned Small Business - Subcontracting Documentation
adv-2013-1BPW Advisory 2013-1 Investment Activities in Iran