Board of Public Works Meeting Documents

Board of Public Works Meeting Documents consist of:

  • Agenda - full-text of each Item before the Board each meeting​
  • Summary - synopsis of each Item before the Board each meeting
  • Audio Recording - full voice recording for each meeting
  • Transcript - full written recording for each meeting

Before a meeting, the Agenda is posted - generally ten days in advance. The Summary is posted a few days later. After posting, these two documents may be updated to reflect revised, supplemental, and hand-carried Items.

After a meeting, the Summary is updated with a notation showing the Board's action on each Item. The Audio Recording and the Transcript are added when available.

Note: Our historic files do not contain the full collection of e-documents.  You will find:

  • 2012-present:  Agenda, Summary, Audio Recording, Transcript
  • 2009-2011: Summary, Audio Recording, Transcript
  • 1995-2009 Summary​ 

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2016 Meeting Documents

Doc TitleFile Size
Jan 6 Agenda1737 KB
Jan 6 Audio6988 KB
Jan 6 Summary142 KB
Jan 6 Transcript163 KB
Jan 27 Agenda1568 KB
Jan 27 Audio Part 17566 KB
Jan 27 Audio Part 2 School Construction24749 KB
Jan 27 Audio Part 3 School Construction4927 KB
Jan 27 Summary156 KB
Jan 27 Transcript723 KB
Feb 10 Agenda1399 KB
Feb 10 Audio3155 KB
Feb 10 Summary137 KB
Feb 10 Transcript83 KB
Feb 24 Agenda1552 KB
Feb 24 Audio11658 KB
Feb 24 Summary226 KB
Feb 24 Transcript240 KB
Mar 9 Summary127 KB
Mar 9 Transcript107 KB
March 9 Agenda1133 KB
March 9 Audio4832 KB
Mar 23 Audio7599 KB
Mar 23 Summary163 KB
Mar 23 Transcript180 KB
March 23 Agenda2997 KB
Apr 6 Transcript206 KB
April 6 Agenda2039 KB
April 6 Audio9814 KB
April 6 Summary131 KB
April 27 Agenda3834 KB
April 27 Audio4486 KB
April 27 Summary157 KB
April 27 Transcript108 KB
May 11 Agenda1752 KB
May 11 Audio 115699 KB
May 11 Audio 2979 KB
May 11 Summary257 KB
May 11 Transcript322 KB
May 25 Agenda2227 KB
May 25 Audio4519 KB
May 25 Summary150 KB
May 25 Transcript103 KB
June 8 Agenda2051 KB
June 8 Audio3741 KB
June 8 Summary187 KB
June 8 Transcript92 KB
Jun 22 Summary154 KB
June 22 Agenda2395 KB
June 22 Audio8748 KB
June 22 Transcript192 KB
July 6 Agenda1424 KB
July 6 Audio5281 KB
July 6 Summary150 KB
July 6 Transcript125 KB
July 27 Agenda1743 KB
July 27 Audio7845 KB
July 27 Summary178 KB
July 27 Transcript164 KB
Aug 17 Agenda1257 KB
Aug 17 Audio6393 KB
Aug 17 Summary194 KB
Aug 17 Transcript142 KB
Sept 7 Agenda2260 KB
Sept 7 Audio10516 KB
Sept 7 Summary205 KB
Sept 7 Transcript229 KB
Sept 21 Agenda1676 KB
Sept 21 Audio12021 KB
Sept 21 Summary152 KB
Sept 21 Transcript262 KB
Oct 5 Agenda502 KB
Oct 5 Audio4334 KB
Oct 5 Summary114 KB
Oct 5 Transcript740 KB
Oct 19 Agenda1322 KB
Oct 19 Audio4854 KB
Oct 19 Summary142 KB
Oct 19 Transcript104 KB
Nov 2 Agenda1214 KB
Nov 2 Audio13376 KB
Nov 2 Summary117 KB
Nov 2 Transcript271 KB
Nov 16 Agenda1510 KB
Nov 16 Audio14638 KB
Nov 16 Summary140 KB
Nov 16 Transcript1339 KB
125 KB
Dec 7 Agenda2650 KB