Frequently Asked Questions

​​What does the Board of Public Works do?

  • Reviews significant state expenditures to ensure they are necessary and appropriate.
  • Approves capital projects.
  • Approves the acquisition and transfer of state assets.
  • Approves the expenditure of general obligation bond funds.
  • Controls procurement policy, adopts procurement regulations, and reviews most procurement contracts exceeding $200,000.
  • Issues licenses to dredge, fill, or use tidal wetlands.
  • Approves the annual capital improvement program and sets procedures for the Public School Construction program.
  • Debars and suspends contractors whose involvement in State contracts may adversely affect the procurement process.

How is a Department of Public Works different?

Similarity in the names of the Board of Public Works and departments of public works causes confusion. Departments of public works are run by local governments. Those local agencies are often responsible for:

  • Water, wastewater
  • Trash collection
  • Recycling
  • Snow removal
  • Tree damage, trimming
  • Dead animal removal
  • Road concerns*
  • Storm drains
  • Transit
  • Utilities

Contact your local department of public works for answers on these matters.

* If your inquiry concerns a State road (a road with a route number), contact the State Highway Administration.

How do I request information?

Most requests can be handled by calling us at 410-260-7335. On occasion we'll ask you to make your request in writing. This helps us if your request is lengthy or complex.  

The Maryland Public Information Act controls the inspection and copying of public records held by State agencies. The law is "construed in favor of permitting inspection of a public record." However, the law exempts certain records from disclosure.

Tell me about Board of Public Works meetings.

Please see the section entitled: Board Meetings​.​​​