Board of Public Works Role in State Procurement

The Board of Public Works comprises the Governor, Treasurer, and Comptroller. The Board controls procurement by most State agencies (including the direct review and approval of most State contracts exceeding $200,000); adopts regulations (COMAR Title 21); sets procurement policy; and establishes internal operational procedures. Board operations are directed by the Executive Secretary with the Board’s Procurement Advisor and General Counsel serving statutorily delineated duties. 

Seven primary procurement units, subject to the authority of the Board of Public Works, have jurisdiction over State procurement as follows: 

  • State Treasurer may engage in or control procurement of: banking, financial services,  insurance, insurance services.
  • Department of Budget and Management may control procurement of: services and leases of motor vehicles.
  • Department of General Services may engage in or control procurement of: real property leases, commodities and supplies, construction and construction-related services, and architect and engineering services.
  • Department of Transportation and Maryland Transportation Authority may engage in procurement of: Transportation-related construction and construction services,  transportation-related architect and engineering services, rolling stock and other property peculiar to a transit system, supplies and services for aeronautics-related activities.
  • Maryland Port Commission may engage in procurement of: supplies and services for port-related activities, construction and construction-related services for a port facility, port-related architect and engineering services, and leases of real property for port-related activities unless lease payments are from the General Fund.
  • Department of Public Safety and Correctional Services may engage in procurement of: construction and construction-related services for State correctional facilities, supplies, materials, and equipment to support construction and construction-related services for State correctional facilities.
  • Department of Information Technology may control procurement of: information processing equipment and associated services and telecommunications equipment, systems, or services.

Procurement Advisory Council 

Next Meeting:

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The General Assembly established the eleven-member Procurement Advisory Council to provide a forum for discussion of procurement issues and problems. The members consist of the State Treasurer, the Secretaries of the Board of Public Works, Governor's Office of Minority Affairs, Transportation, Budget and Management, and General Services, the Chancellor of the University System, one local government member, and two public members. The Council advises the Board of Public Works on the procurement process and makes recommendations for improving State procurements. The Council meets four times a year.