Board of Public Works Advisories

​Board of Public Works Advisories provide clarification for State Agencies on items important to Board oversite and functions.  These policy-making directives should be used by Agencies to help decipher requirements in procurement, reporting, definitions​, Agenda submissions, etc.  Advisories are updated and created as needed, please check back for additions and changes.​​​​

Advisory Description
​adv-1995-1 ​BPW Advisory 1995-1 Contract Modifications
adv-​1995-2 ​REPEALED - see 2006-1
​BPW Advisory 1995-3 Resident Business & Tax Clearance
adv-1996-1​ ​BPW Advisory 1996-1 MBE Subcontracting Documents
adv-1996-2 ​BPW Advisory 1996-2 Procurement Agency Activity Reports
adv-1996-3​ ​BPW Advisory 1996-3 Procurement - Bid, Performance and Payment Security
BPW Advisory 1996-4 Economic - Benefits as a Factor in Evaluating CSP
adv-1996-5 ​BPW Advisory 1996-5 Reciprocal Preferences​
​adv-1997-1 ​REPEALED
adv-1998-1 ​BPW Advisory 1998-1 Corporate Purchasing Card
adv-1998-2 ​​BPW Advisory 1998-2 Utilization of ADPICS for Procurement Trans​actions
adv-1998-3 ​BPW Advisory 1998-3 Contract Options
​adv-1999-1 ​REPEALED
​adv-2001-1 ​​Procurement Review Groups: SBR Designation, MBE and VSBE Determinations​ (revised 8-24-2021).
​adv-2002-1 ​BPW Advisory 2002-1 Settlements, Judgments, and Counsel Fees:  Delegation, Procedure, and Payment
​adv-2002-2 ​BPW Advisory 2002-2 Novation or Change of Name
adv-2003-1 ​​BPW Advisory 2003-1 State Clearinghouse - Intergovernmental Review and Coordination Process
adv-2003-2 ​BPW Advisory 2003-2 MBE Reporting Waivers
adv-2003-3 ​BPW Advisory 2003-3 EFT Contractor Payments
adv-2003-4 ​BPW Advisory 2003-4 Debarments​
adv-2004-1 ​BPW Advisory 2004-1 Naming State Buildings and Capital Improvements​
adv-2004-2 ​BPW Advisory 2004-2 Publishing Notice of Solicitations​
adv-2004-3 ​BPW Advisory 2004-3 Correcting Agenda Items​
​adv-2004-4 ​BLANK
​adv-2004-5 ​REPEALED
adv-2005-1 ​BPW Advisory 2005-1 Small Business Reserve Program​
adv-2005-2 BPW Advisory 2005-2 Forest Products Sales Policy
adv-2005-3 ​​BPW Advisory 2005-3 Real Property - Appraisals When Disposing or Acquiring
adv-2006-1 ​BPW Advisory 2006-1 Action Agendas Required Information, Format, Backup Documentation
​adv-2006-2 ​BPW Advisory 2006-2 DNR-Managed Property Leases
(revised 1-8-2020)
​adv-2006-3 BPW Advisory 2006-3 SHA-Managed Property Leases
​adv-2006-4 ​Individual Surety Bonds - Individual surety law sunset on September 30, 2014
adv-2007-1 ​BPW Advisory 2007-1 Living Wages
​adv-2009-1 ​BPW Advisory 2009-1 Stormwater Management through Environmental Site Design:  POS and PSC
adv-2009-2 ​BPW Advisory 2009-2 Procurement-Emergency Procurements; Reports to the BPW
adv-2009-3 ​BPW Advisory 2009-3 Small Business Preferences
​adv-2011-1 ​BPW Advisory 2011-1 Hiring Agreement
adv-2012-1​ ​BPW Advisory 2012-1 Veteran-Owned Small Business-Participation Documentation (revised 4-30-2019)
​adv-2013-1​ ​BPW Advisory 2013-1 Investment Activities in Iran
adv-2016-1​ ​BPW Advisory 2016-1 Fair and Reasonable Contract Price
adv-2016-2​ ​BPW Advisory 2016-2 Contracts Funded with General Obligation Bond Proceeds
adv-2017-1​ ​BPW Advisory 2017-1 Capital Grant and Loan Program