Board of Public Works Meeting Documents

Board of Public Works Meeting Documents consist of:

  • Agenda - Collection of all Items presented to the Board​
  • Summary - Synopsis of all Items presented to the Board
  • Audio Recording - Voice recording of the Board meeting
  • Transcript - Written recording of the Board meeting
  • Minutes (historic files) - Collection of all Items presented to the Board with notes/summary of actions during the meeting incorporated within.

Before a meeting, the Agenda is posted - generally ten days in advance. The Summary is posted a few days later. After posting, these two documents may be updated to reflect revised, supplemental, and hand-carried Items.

After a meeting, the Agenda and Summary are updated with notations showing the Board's action on each Item. The Audio Recording and the Transcript are added when available.

Note: Our historic files do not contain the full collection of e-documents.  You will find:

  • Present-Day - 2010:  Agenda, Summary, Audio Recording, Transcript
  • 2011 - 1995: Agenda, Summary, Transcript
  • 1994 - 1971: Agenda, Transcript​
  • 1971 - 1904: Minutes
​ ​
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2023 Meeting Documents

Doc TitleFile Size
Jan 4 Agenda3060 KB
Jan 4 Audio25620 KB
Jan 4 Summary207 KB
Jan 4 Transcript834 KB
Jan 25 Agenda3827 KB
Jan 25 Audio21027 KB
Jan 25 Summary236 KB
Jan 25 Transcript788 KB
Feb 15 Agenda 3936 KB
Feb 15 Audio9709 KB
Feb 15 Summary238 KB
Feb 15 Transcript709 KB
Mar 1 Agenda3786 KB
Mar 1 Audio36017 KB
Mar 1 Summary226 KB
Mar 1 Transcript802 KB
Mar 15 Agenda3666 KB
Mar 15 Audio35680 KB
Mar 15 Summary233 KB
Mar 15 Transcript763 KB
Apr 5 Agenda2023 KB
Apr 5 Audio10284 KB
Apr 5 Summary253 KB
Apr 5 Transcript677 KB
Apr 19 Agenda 3921 KB
Apr 19 Audio3803 KB
Apr 19 Summary245 KB
Apr 19 Transcript778 KB
May 3 Agenda 2592 KB
May 3 Audio11988 KB
May 3 Summary231 KB
May 3 Transcript696 KB
May 17 Agenda 2722 KB
May 17 Audio15343 KB
May 17 Summary247 KB
May 17 Transcript743 KB
Jun 7 Agenda 3418 KB
Jun 7 Audio13292 KB
Jun 7 Summary312 KB
Jun 7 Transcript726 KB
Jun 21 Audio10101 KB
Jun 21 Summary260 KB
Jun 21 Transcript680 KB
June 21 Agenda4437 KB
Jul 5 - Secretary Item 31 Supporting Documentation985 KB
Jul 5 Agenda3442 KB
Jul 5 Audio21267 KB
Jul 5 Summary241 KB
Jul 5 Transcript815 KB
Jul 19 Agenda 3790 KB
Jul 19 Audio12897 KB
Jul 19 Summary227 KB
Jul 19 Transcript712 KB
Aug 2 Agenda 1658 KB
Aug 2 Audio12271 KB
Aug 2 Summary210 KB
Aug 2 Transcript685 KB
Aug 23 Agenda 2053 KB
Aug 23 Audio15879 KB
Aug 23 Summary252 KB
Aug 23 Transcript743 KB
Sec 6 Transcript-Unofficial884 KB
Sep 6 Agenda 2047 KB
Sep 6 Audio23000 KB
Sep 6 Summary232 KB
Sep 20 Agenda 2153 KB
Sep 20 Audio2735 KB
Sep 20 Summary240 KB
Sep 20 Transcript-Unofficial848 KB
Oct 4 Agenda (updated 9/27/23)3543 KB

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