Board of Public Works Meeting Documents

Board of Public Works Meeting Documents consist of:

  • Agenda - full-text of each Item before the Board each meeting​
  • Summary - synopsis of each Item before the Board each meeting
  • Audio Recording - full voice recording for each meeting
  • Transcript - full written recording for each meeting

Before a meeting, the Agenda is posted - generally ten days in advance. The Summary is posted a few days later. After posting, these two documents may be updated to reflect revised, supplemental, and hand-carried Items.

After a meeting, the Summary is updated with a notation showing the Board's action on each Item. The Audio Recording and the Transcript are added when available.

Note: Our historic files do not contain the full collection of e-documents.  You will find:

  • 2012-present:  Agenda, Summary, Audio Recording, Transcript
  • 2009-2011: Summary, Audio Recording, Transcript
  • 1995-2009 Summary​ 
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2020 Meeting Documents

Doc TitleFile Size
2020-Jan-8-Agenda4135 KB
Jan 8 Audio part 111570 KB
Jan 8 Audio part 211747 KB
Jan 8 Summary197 KB
Jan 8 Transcript2002 KB
Jan 29 Agenda3082 KB
Jan 29 Audio8854 KB
Jan 29 Summary150 KB
Jan 29 Transcript1148 KB
Feb 19 Agenda3156 KB
Feb 19 Audio4639 KB
Feb 19 Summary136 KB
Feb 19 Transcript892 KB
Mar 4 Agenda2861 KB
Mar 4 Audio16298 KB
Mar 4 Summary117 KB
Mar 4 Transcript793 KB
Mar 18 Agenda2785 KB
Mar 18 Audio8343 KB
Mar 18 Summary134 KB
Mar 18 Transcript1088 KB
Apr 1 Agenda2882 KB
Apr 1 Audio10309 KB
Apr 1 Summary143 KB
Apr 1 Transcript1182 KB
Apr 22 Agenda2847 KB
Apr 22 Audio13827 KB
Apr 22 Summary143 KB
Apr 22 Transcript906 KB
May 6 Agenda2530 KB
May 6 Audio14306 KB
May 6 Summary118 KB
May 6 Transcript1387 KB
May 20 Agenda3012 KB
May 20 Audio14092 KB
May 20 Summary155 KB
May 20 Transcript1310 KB
Jun 3 Transcript1387 KB
June 3 Agenda4306 KB
June 3 Audio14867 KB
June 3 Summary163 KB
Jun 17 Agenda3428 KB
Jun 17 Audio19859 KB
Jun 17 Summary203 KB
Jun 17 Transcript1823 KB
Jul 1 Summary172 KB
Jul 1 Transcript1347 KB
July 1 Agenda5639 KB
Jul 22 Agenda3509 KB
Jul 22 Audio7483 KB
Jul 22 Summary174 KB
Jul 22 Transcript999 KB
Aug 12 Agenda3694 KB
Aug 12 Audio23563 KB
Aug 12 Summary210 KB
Aug 12 Transcript1834 KB
Sept 2 Agenda4462 KB
Sept 2 Audio11212 KB
Sept 2 Summary196 KB
Sept 2 Transcript1228 KB
Sept 23 Agenda3025 KB
Sept 23 Audio10865 KB
Sept 23 Summary169 KB
Sept 23 Transcript1169 KB
Oct 7 Agenda2668 KB
Oct 7 Audio9483 KB
Oct 7 Summary139 KB
Oct 7 Transcript1128 KB
Oct 21 Agenda2441 KB
Oct 21 Audio8877 KB
Oct 21 Summary170 KB
Oct 21 Transcript1090 KB
Nov 4 Agenda2722 KB
Nov 4 Audio13218 KB
Nov 4 Summary149 KB
Nov 4 Transcript930 KB
Nov 18 Agenda2607 KB
Nov 18 Audio8096 KB
Nov 18 Summary199 KB
Nov 18 Transcript - Unofficial1124 KB
Dec 2 Agenda3697 KB
Dec 2 Audio 1 of 221301 KB
Dec 2 Audio 2 of 27474 KB
Dec 2 Summary197 KB
Dec 16 Agenda3026 KB