Board of Public Works Meeting Documents

Board of Public Works Meeting Documents consist of:

  • Agenda - full-text of each Item before the Board each meeting​
  • Summary - synopsis of each Item before the Board each meeting
  • Audio Recording - full voice recording for each meeting
  • Transcript - full written recording for each meeting

Before a meeting, the Agenda is posted - generally ten days in advance. The Summary is posted a few days later. After posting, these two documents may be updated to reflect revised, supplemental, and hand-carried Items.

After a meeting, the Summary is updated with a notation showing the Board's action on each Item. The Audio Recording and the Transcript are added when available.

Note: Our historic files do not contain the full collection of e-documents.  You will find:

  • 2012-present:  Agenda, Summary, Audio Recording, Transcript
  • 2009-2011: Summary, Audio Recording, Transcript
  • 1995-2009 Summary​ 
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2018 Meeting Documents

Doc TitleFile Size
Jan 3 Agenda1330 KB
Jan 3 audio3235 KB
Jan 3 Summary120 KB
Jan 3 Transcript585 KB
Jan 24 Agenda1793 KB
Jan 24 Audio12080 KB
Jan 24 Summary159 KB
Jan 24 Transcript1018 KB
Feb 7 Agenda1505 KB
Feb 7 Audio5749 KB
Feb 7 Summary127 KB
Feb 7 Transcript741 KB
Feb 21 Agenda2586 KB
Feb 21 Audio22630 KB
Feb 21 Summary121 KB
Feb 21 Transcript1036 KB
March 7 Agenda1442 KB
March 7 Audio6252 KB
March 7 Summary130 KB
March 7 Transcript847 KB
Mar 28 Agenda2610 KB
Mar 28 Audio10910 KB
Mar 28 Summary140 KB
March 28 Transcript1097 KB
Apr 4 Agenda1315 KB
Apr 4 Audio5132 KB
Apr 4 Summary113 KB
Apr 4 Transcript738 KB
Apr 18 Agenda1543 KB
Apr 18 Audio11625 KB
Apr 18 Summary139 KB
Apr 18 Transcript1028 KB
May 2 Agenda2212 KB
May 2 Audio4878 KB
May 2 Summary192 KB
May 2 Transcript672 KB
May 16 Agenda1856 KB
May 16 Audio13647 KB
May 16 Summary152 KB
May 16 Transcript1190 KB
June 20 Agenda5441 KB
June 20 Audio31242 KB
June 20 Summary251 KB
June 20 Transcript1384 KB
July 19 Agenda1833 KB
July 19 Audio11133 KB
July 19 Summary154 KB
July 19 Transcript1179 KB
Aug 1 Agenda1733 KB
Aug 1 Audio5853 KB
Aug 1 Summary140 KB
Aug 1 Transcript754 KB
Aug 22 Agenda1705 KB
Aug 22 Audio8488 KB
Aug 22 Transcript2175 KB
August 22 Summary159 KB
Sept 5 Agenda1763 KB
Sept 5 Audio7010 KB
Sept 5 Summary138 KB
Sept 5 Transcript1007 KB
Sept 26 Agenda1617 KB
Sept 26 Audio5896 KB
Sept 26 Summary140 KB
Sept 26 Transcript734 KB
Oct 3 Agenda1143 KB
Oct 3 Audio4347 KB
Oct 3 Summary110 KB
Oct 3 Transcript643 KB
Oct 17 Agenda897 KB
Oct 17 Audio3989 KB
Oct 17 Summary134 KB
Oct 17 Transcript654 KB
Oct 31 Agenda1406 KB
Oct 31 Audio8304 KB
Oct 31 Summary129 KB
Oct 31 Transcript558 KB
Nov 14 Agenda3931 KB
Nov 14 Audio10850 KB
Nov 14 Summary151 KB
Nov 14 Transcript1135 KB
Dec 19 Agenda2426 KB