Board of Public Works Meeting Documents

Board of Public Works Meeting Documents consist of:

  • Agenda - full-text of each Item before the Board each meeting​
  • Summary - synopsis of each Item before the Board each meeting
  • Audio Recording - full voice recording for each meeting
  • Transcript - full written recording for each meeting

Before a meeting, the Agenda is posted - generally ten days in advance. The Summary is posted a few days later. After posting, these two documents may be updated to reflect revised, supplemental, and hand-carried Items.

After a meeting, the Summary is updated with a notation showing the Board's action on each Item. The Audio Recording and the Transcript are added when available.

Note: Our historic files do not contain the full collection of e-documents.  You will find:

  • 2012-present:  Agenda, Summary, Audio Recording, Transcript
  • 2009-2011: Summary, Audio Recording, Transcript
  • 1995-2009 Summary​ 
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2021 Meeting Documents

Doc TitleFile Size
Jan 6 Agenda3198 KB
Jan 6 Audio13241 KB
Jan 6 Summary181 KB
Jan 6 Transcript1284 KB
Jan 27 Agenda2391 KB
Jan 27 Audio15894 KB
Jan 27 Summary174 KB
Jan 27 Transcript1447 KB
Feb 10 Agenda2692 KB
Feb 10 Audio9821 KB
Feb 10 Summary168 KB
Feb 10 Transcript800 KB
Feb 24 Agenda2830 KB
Feb 24 Audio22454 KB
Feb 24 Summary166 KB
Feb 24 Transcript1770 KB
Mar 10 Agenda2799 KB
Mar 10 Audio22430 KB
Mar 10 Summary148 KB
Mar 10 Transcript893 KB
Mar 24 Agenda2778 KB
Mar 24 Audio63980 KB
Mar 24 Summary169 KB
Mar 24 Transcript1308 KB
Apr 7 Agenda3225 KB
Apr 7 Audio47081 KB
Apr 7 Summary155 KB
Apr 7 Transcript1211 KB
Apr 21 Agenda4602 KB
Apr 21 Audio12943 KB
Apr 21 Summary182 KB
Apr 21 Transcript1036 KB
May 5 Agenda3191 KB
May 5 Audio24167 KB
May 5 Summary186 KB
May 5 Transcript940 KB
May 19 Agenda3142 KB
May 19 Audio34497 KB
May 19 Summary245 KB
May 19 Transcript974 KB
Jun 2 Agenda3288 KB
Jun 2 Audio22967 KB
Jun 2 Summary190 KB
Jun 2 Transcript925 KB
Jun 16 Agenda3682 KB
Jun 16 Audio30843 KB
Jun 16 Summary249 KB
Jun 16 Transcript1000 KB
Jul 7 Agenda3579 KB
Jul 7 Audio75220 KB
Jul 7 Summary281 KB
Jul 7 Transcript3054 KB
Jul 28 Agenda4798 KB
Jul 28 Audio29854 KB
Jul 28 Summary266 KB
Jul 28 Transcript992 KB
Aug 11 Agenda4502 KB
Aug 11 Audio - Part 153918 KB
Aug 11 Audio - Part 251951 KB
Aug 11 Summary192 KB
Aug 11 Transcript1922 KB
Sep 1 Agenda3960 KB
Sep 1 Audio9243 KB
Sep 1 Summary267 KB
Sep 1 Transcript898 KB
Sep 15 Agenda4112 KB
Sep 15 Audio60977 KB
Sep 15 Summary276 KB
Sep 15 Transcript - Unofficial1507 KB
Oct 6 Agenda3127 KB
Oct 6 Audio32221 KB
Oct 6 Summary251 KB
Oct-6-Unofficial Transcript1146 KB
Oct 20 Summary285 KB
Oct-20-Agenda3138 KB