BPW Meeting Information


Meetings are currently held in the Governor’s Reception Room, 2nd floor, State House, Annapolis. Twice a year, for the Bond Sale, the meeting is held at the Louis L. Goldstein Treasury Building. Meetings are open to the public. A photo ID is required to enter State buildings.


The Agenda comprises all items requiring Board action for each meeting. Each Agenda has numbered items. One of four actions will be taken on an item: withdrawn by the Agency or the Board can approve, disapprove or defer the item. Generally, the Agenda is available online 10 days before the meeting.

The Agenda is divided into three main parts:

  • Secretary's Agenda,
  • Department of General Services Agenda, and
  • Department of Transportation Agenda.

The Secretary's Agenda has six parts:

  • Secretary's Agenda,
  • Supplement A: Department of Natural Resources Real Property,
  • Supplement B: Department of Budget & Management,
  • Supplement C: University System,
  • Supplement D: Department of Information Technology, and
  • Appendix: Emergency Procurements.


Generally seven days before a meeting, the Meeting Summary is available online. This document summarizes each Agenda item. The website will be updated at least twice before the meeting if needed. PLEASE NOTE: Late, hand-carried Items may not make the Summary or be updated online.


Action will be taken on all items but not all items will be discussed. Items will be discussed and speakers heard at the discretion and in the order the Board members choose. If you are called on, please be prepared with your comments and able to answer questions by the Board members.


If you wish to speak in support or opposition to an item before the Board please contact us​. Speakers are urged to keep their remarks succinct and to the point. Groups are asked to designate one spokesperson. Speakers are heard at the discretion of the Board. Being added to the speaker's list does not guarantee that you will be heard.


The Summary will be updated within 24 hours to show what action was taken on each item.