Contractors Barred from Doing Business with Maryland Government

Companies Engaged in I​nvestment Activities in Iran​

The following persons* are ineligible to contract with public bodies in the State of Maryland.

Bharat Petroleum Corporation Ltd.
China Communications Construction Company Ltd.
China National Petroleum Corporation
FAL Oil Company Ltd.
Indian Oil Corporation Ltd.
India Limited
Naftiran Oil
Shanghai Zhenhua Heavy Industry Company Ltd.
Sinopec Group

* “Person” includes:

(1) a natural person, corporation, company, limited liability company, business association, partnership, society, trust, or any other nongovernmental entity, organization, or group;
(2) a governmental entity or instrumentality of a government, including a multilateral development institution, as denied by the federal International Financial Institutions Act, 22 U.S.C. 262r(c)(3); or
(3) any parent, successor, subunit, direct or indirect subsidiary of, or any entity under common ownership or control with, an entity described in item (1) or (2) above.

As determined by the Board of Public Works, Secretary’s Agenda, Item 3​ (December 19, 2012). Authority: State Finance and Procurement Article, §17-704, Annotated Code of Maryland


The persons and companies listed below are barred from doing business with a public body in the State of Maryland. A public body means the State, a unit, or a local government entity in the State, including a bicounty or multicounty entity.

George F. Alinsod Indefinitely
Joseph D. Cheek Indefinitely
Polar Bear Heating and Air Condition​ing Co. Inc. Indefinitely
David J. Clemons Indefinitely
Classic Construction, Inc. Indefinitely
Michael Wilson, President, Classic Construction, Inc. Indefinitely
Computer Health Associates, Inc. Indefinitely
Floyd W. Dearborn Indefinitely
John L. Dutkevich Indefinitely
Elcontrol, Inc. Indefinitely
ETF, Inc. Indefinitely
Alan L. Giseman Indefinitely
David F. Graciano Indefinitely
​Robert W. Hales (aka Bobby Hales) Indefinitely
J&M Construction Company Indefinitely
James M. Myers, President & Owner, J&M Construction Co. Indefinitely
Terry Myers, Secretary & Treasurer, J&M Construction Co. Indefinitely
K&L Truck Equipment Company Indefinitely
Keith E. Graham, President, K&L Truck Equipment Co. Indefinitely
​Daryl Kitchen Indefinitely
Laurel Associates, Inc. Indefinitely
Edward Marcus Indefinitely
Montgomery Mechanical Services and Richard Stewart Indefinitely
Charles Morris Indefinitely
Darold Patterson Indefinitely
Andrew M. Reider Indefinitely
Allstate Boiler Service Indefinitely
​Carl Roberts Indefinitely​
Dennis Roberts Indefinitely
Gilbert Sapperstein Indefinitely
Edward J. Simmons Indefinitely
Patrick R. Sisk Indefinitely
Richard Stewart and Montgomery Mechanical Services Indefinitely
Dwight Walker, Jr. Indefinitely
Scott Allan Wallick Indefinitely
​Ronald S. Wilkinson Indefinitely​​

The persons and companies listed below are barred from doing business with the State.

Adler Services Group, Inc. Indefinitely
Harvey Adler Indefinitely
Belford Associates, Inc. Indefinitely
Mary Patricia Bromwell Indefinitely
Thomas L. Bromwell, Sr Indefinitely
Lawrence E. Slavin, owner/president, Belford Associates, Inc. Indefinitely
Columbia Elevator Co., Inc. Indefinitely
Rodney R. Ripke, President, Columbia Elevator Co., Inc. Indefinitely
Alan B. Fabian Indefinitely
Metal Fabricators, Inc. Indefinitely
Geraldine E. Forti Indefinitely
Michael C. Forti Indefinitely
Jerry J. Hoppe, owner, Metal Fabricators, Inc. Indefinitely
Vasilios Hatzianoglou (A.K.A. William Hatzi, A.K.A. Bill Hatzi) Indefinitely
Registered trade names associated with Mr. Hatzianoglou: Power Dynamics [NOT Power Dynamics Corporation], Pallini Co. and Vastec. Co. Indefinitely
Eva Hatzianoglou Indefinitely
Ronald High Indefinitely
​Robert Eugene Hooper Indefinitely​
Tasaduq S. Husain Indefinitely
​James Paul Jacobs, Jr. Indefinitely​
Gary Jefferson Indefinitely
Larry E. Jennings, Sr. Indefinitely
​Andre Michael Lipford Indefinitely​​​
​Jonathan Mickle Indefinitely​
​Robert Nickey, III
​Michael James O'Melia Indefinitely​
Park Technology, Inc. Indefinitely
Andrew D. Park, President, Park Technology, Inc. Indefinitely
W. David Stoffregen Indefinitely
​Joanne Tucker Indefinitely​
​Shaun Tucker Indefinitely
Scott Reiter Indefinitely
Stone Cold Chemicals Indefinitely
Lloyd Barnard (Officer SCC) Indefinitely
Pamela McDaniel (Officer SCC) Indefinitely
Marilyn Meek (Officer SCC) Indefinitely
Thomas Stone (Officer SCC) Indefinitely
Trans-Eastern Inspection Services Indefinitely
Athanasios Reglas* Indefinitely
Lynn Shepard, President, Trans Eastern Inspection Services Indefinitely
Christopher J. Vanover Indefinitely
Val Construction Co., Inc. Indefinitely
Valencio J. Pires Indefinitely
​Paul Watson Indefinitely​​
​Kevin Williams Indefinitely​​

* The State will not seek debarment of the company, Reglas Painting, Inc. if Athanasios Reglas does not serve as officer, director, controlling shareholder, partner or employee directly involved in the process of obtaining contracts with public bodies on behalf of the company for the term of his debarment.

The person/companies listed below have agreed not to do business with the State in lieu of debarment.

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The Maryland Attorney General has filed an Administrative Complaint to debar the following persons and companies:


Other Debarments

The Commissioner of Labor and Industry files with the Secretary of State a list of contractor(s) who persistently and willfully violate the prevailing-wage statute. Any contractor appearing on that list is prohibited from entering into public work construction contacts for a period of two years from the day on which the list is filed. [Maryland Code, State Finance and Procurement Article, Section 17-226]​