Annual Procurement Reports Due to the Board of Public Works

This list of reports that must be submitted annually to the Board of Public Works is intended to guide agencies on reporting requirements in Maryland law. A brief description is provided along with the due date and authority citation. If you are unsure of your agency's report submission requirements, please check with your legal office for guidance. This list represents only annual procurement reports due from agencies to the Board of Public Works and is designed to serve only as a quick reference.

7/31​ ​MBE Waiver MB​E​ waivers requested and granted.
9/1 ​​Procurement Policies & Procedures Written procurement policies and procedures including procurement methods, advertising re​quirements for each type of procurement, procurement goals, and the approval process for each type of procurement.
​(Exempt agencies not governed by a board, commission, council or authority).​
​SF&P Sect. 12-401
9/30 Non-Competitive Negotiated Procurements Each class of Each class of procurement for which the non-competitive negotiate​d method was used. (DBM only). ​COMAR
​9/30 Small Business Reserve Operation and effectiveness of SBR program.
(Designated agencies only).
SF&P Sect. 14-505(a)
 Advisory 2005-1
11/1 Hiring Agreements​​ Hiring Agreement usage.
(DHR, MDOT, DGS, and DBM only).
SF&P Sect. 13-224(d)
Advisory 2011-1
12/1 Preferred Provider Report​ Summary of agencies' annual reports on preferred provider contracts and payments.
(DGS Only​).​
SF&P Sect. 14-110(e)
12/1 Project Delivery Methods Use of design-build and CMR project delivery methods. COMAR
12/31 ​Energy Performance Contract Status of energy performance contracts. (MEA only). ​SF&P Sect. 12-302

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