BPW Advisory 1996-2 Procurement Agency Activity Reports

Purpose: To provide certain procurement agencies with a revised and uniform format for reporting delegated procurements to the Board of Public Works.


Background: Pursuant to the provisions of COMAR, the following departments must report delegated procurements and delegated contract modifications that exceed $50,000 to the Board of Public Works on a 1996-2 PAAR Form.docProcurement Agency Activity Report Form (PAAR):

  • Department of General Services
  • Department of Transportation
  • Maryland Port Commission

Items to be reported

  • Delegated procurement contracts that exceed $50,000, except contracts for the purchase of commodities, supplies and automated information processing.
  • Delegated contract modifications, as required under COMAR​ and BPW Advisory P-001-95​.
  • Cancellations of solicitations or rejection of all bids or proposals pursuant to COMAR 21.06.02.
  • Approval of certain invoices that did not result from competitive bidding (summary report).
  • Real property leases, with an annual value exceeding $50,000 delegated to:

PAAR Frequency
: A department shall deliver its PAAR to the Board Secretary not later than the second Wednesday of the month after the month in which the procurement activity occurred.

Procurements delegated to the Treasurer under COMAR​ shall be reported quarterly on the Board Secretary’s Action Agenda. The PAAR form may be used as an attachment to summarize such procurement activities.

PAAR Format: The Procurement Agency Activity Report form must be substantially as shown on the attachment.

The “legend” shown on the bottom of the form is to be used in completing the first two blocks of the form. “N/A” (not applicable) may be used when appropriate.

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