BPW Advisory 2012-1

​Veteran-Owned Small Business Enterprise - Participation Documentation
Issued June 20, 2012*

PURPOSE: To provide agencies with standardized procurement forms to be used when a solicitation contains a Veteran-owned Small Business Enterprise participation goal.

VSBEs: Veteran-owned Small Business Enterprises, or VSBEs, must be verified by the Center for Verification and Evaluation of the United States Department of Veterans Affairs.  A searchable database for verified VSBEs is available at https://www.va.gov/osdbu/programs/​​.

PROGRAM:  Agencies are encouraged “to try to achieve an overall minimum of 1% of the unit’s total dollar value of procurement contracts to be made directly or indirectly from veteran-owned small business enterprises.”  To achieve this goal, an agency must first determine the potential for VSBE participation for each contract.  If the agency determines that VSBE participation is the appropriate procurement strategy, the agency must then establish a VSBE participation goal. 

When a VSBE participation goal is established, bidders/offerors must submit a Utilization Affidavit and a Participation Schedule.  Appended to this Advisory are the standardized forms, containing VSBE participation goal language, to be attached as an exhibit to the Invitation for Bids or the Request for Proposals. If an agency does not use these standardized forms, a written determination justifying the need for an alternative must be included in the contract file.

AUTHORITY: § 14-602, State Finance & Procurement Article, Annotated Code of Maryland COMAR 21.11.13​

*Revised September 9, 2016