​BPW Advisory 2009-1 Stormwater Management through Environmental Site Design: POS and PSC

Purpose: To reduce the adverse effects of stormwater runoff by encouraging funding recipients to implement environmental site design pollution-control practices in Program Open Space projects and in Public School Construction Program projects.
Background: Management of stormwater runoff is necessary to reduce pollution, erosion, siltation, sedimentation, and flooding. The Stormwater Management Act of 2007​ requires the use of environmental site design to the maximum extent practicable. Environmental site design means using small-scale stormwater management practices, nonstructural techniques, and better site planning to mimic natural hydrologic runoff characteristics and minimize the impact of land development on water resources. Environmental site design practices for all government and privately-funded projects are mandated through a regulatory program to be fully effective May 4, 2010. The Board of Public Works encourages recipients of Program Open Space funding and Public School Construction Program funding to incorporate environmental site design into their projects now.
Authority: Environment Article §4-201 -- 4-215, Maryland Code Annotated; COMAR 26.17.02.
Policy: The Department of Natural Resources (with respect to Program Open Space projects) and the Interagency Committee (with respect to Public School Construction Program projects) must include in the Board of Public Works Action Agenda Item information that describes:
Stormwater runoff measures incorporated in the project such as:
  • environmental site design
  • alternative pavement systems
  • disconnection of roof and non-rooftop
  • forest conservation
  • vegetative swales
  • greenroofs
  • rain gardens
  • cisterns
  • water reuse
Other environmentally-sustainable project attributes such as:
  • light pollution reduction
  • water use reduction
  • optimizing energy performance
  • construction waste recycling and management
  • low volatile-organic-compound emitting materials
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